A short overview of our programs

In our newest show we commit ourselves to the beautiful songs of great artist  STING. Arranged by Winnie Brückner.

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Excerpt of the programme

Message in a bottle

Every little thing she does is magic

I burn for you

Sister moon

Heavy cloud, no rain


Jazz Pop et cetera

Popsongs like  „Babooshka“ by Kate Bush or „I Burn for You“ by Sting, as well as emotional Ballads like Leonard Cohen´s „Hallelujah“  and charming Jazz classics by Nina Simone and Nancy Wilson, completed by subtle original compositions.
Elements of Jazz, classical music, Pop world music merge to a modern, powerful and sensual sound.


Excerpt of the programme

Rhymes Of An Hour (T&M: Mazzy Star, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

I Burn For You (T&M: Sting, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

You Took My Teeth (T&M: Nina Simone, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Hallelujah (T&M: Leonard Cohen, Arr.: Jens Johansen)

Babooshka (T&M: Kate Bush, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Yatra Ta (M: Tania Maria, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Video Games (T&M: Lana del Rey, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

classic redefined

The time stands still when the four singers of niniwe start to interpret classical music in their unique sound. But nevertheless, arranger Winnie Brückner proves in her artistic arrangements, that time is continuing as well. All of a sudden, old masters sound surprisingly modern. A composition of John Dowland now sounds like an Artpop-Song, while the famous aria „If
Love´s a sweet passion“ turns out to be a through-composed emotional roller coaster.


Excerpt of the programme

Time stands still (M&T: John Dowland, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Si dolce è´l tormento (M: Claudio Monteverdi, T: Carlo Milanuzzi, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Che si puó fare (M&T: Barbara Strozzi, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

May (M: Alexander N. Skrjabin, T: Ariane Grundies, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Greenwood Tree (M: Winnie Brückner, nach Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger, T: William Shakespeare)

Dvořák – Phantasie (M: Winnie Brückner, nach A. Dvořák 9. Symphonie)

International Christmas Carols and Wintersongs in beautiful and modern arrangements.


Auszug aus dem Programm

Stille Nacht (M: Franz Xaver Gruber, T: Joseph Mohr, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Veni, veni Emmanuel (Gregorian, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

O Jesulein zart (Germany,  Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Großer Baum du, mitten im Felde (Bulgaria, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Gabriel´s Message (Basque, Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Jul, jul, strålande jul (T: Edvard Evers M: Gustaf Nordqvist,  Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Maria durch ein´Dornwald ging (Thuringia, Arr.: Manfred Ehrhorn, Winnie Brückner)

Have yourself a merry little Christmas (T: Hugh Martin, M: Ralph Blane,  Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

Staffansvisa (Sweden,  Arr.: Winnie Brückner)

The staged concert

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