A concert with niniwe is in each and every song the essence of what mother nature gave to the human in expression and and sensational ability of the voice.
O-Ton Vocal Days, Salzburg

Niniwe – that was and is pure musical enjoyment.
Gießener Allgemeine

Multi-faceted, outstanding, captivating!
Dr. Matthias Becker

Four female voices, nothing else. But so much more. Each of the singers shows an astonishing versatility: Their spectrum of sounds embraces svelte soprano voices, grooving jazz, and husky soul singing. The original arrangements burst with finesse, play with harmony and rhythm, leave room for experiments and improvisations.
Birgit Hendrich, Leipziger Volkszeitung

NINIWE, a female vocal quartet conducted by Winnie Brückner, turned out to be a sensation. Brückner’s inventive arrangements, their high vocal standards, and a refreshing performance deservedly won over the enthusiastic audience
Matthias Huth, Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung

NINIWE’s spectrum is unbelievably diverse. Winnie Brückner’s way of arranging most contributions emphasizes the special qualities in both ensemble format and solo performance. Perfectly synchronous sounds as clear as bells, balanced modulations coupled with interesting harmonies and rhythmic finesse gripped the audience.
Axel Engels, Westfälische Nachrichten, Münster

These four young women became a favourite of the audience with their far from random, siren-like jazz singing.
Jürgen Weser, Finsterwalder Rundschau

Their voices are clear as a bell, their intonation is flawless, and ever-soft their homogeneous sound – even in the high registers. They instantly entrance the listener with a perfect and grooving sound.
Christl Rick, Neue Westfälische